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Communicating with your horse

    Do you want your horse to be your best friend, your partner, and that one thing that can put a smile on your face when no one else can? I know I do. In my opinion, horses are the best companion to have, they're loyal, they listen, they're understanding, they love you unconditionally, and best of all they can’t tell your secrets. Even though they aren’t great at giving advice, they will always have your back.    


Meet Leanne

There are three incredible horses who have shaped me into the trainer I am today. My first love was a quarter horse named Luna.  She was a cremelo palomino, mare.  Luna and I struggled together trying to get her speed under control as she had a tendency to get emotional. She is where I discovered my love for teaching horses. She taught me a lot about my riding abilities and how to respect the horse and learn from them. Together we made a perfect duo. From jumping bareback with just a rope around her neck, to trail rides through forests. The relationship that we built was one of trust and patience. With the unconditional trust we built over my childhood, I felt there was nothing we couldn’t do as a team. There was no fear between us. I knew she would take care of me. At age 13, Luna passed away from severe colic, but only a few months after, I met my best friend, Latte. She was a spicy Arabian quarter horse who challenged me to step up my abilities as a rider and a teacher. When I got her she was 3 years old and barely started. She has been my biggest challenge but also my biggest success. She knew very little about ground manners and respect, but with lots of time and hard work she has become my demo horse. She has been my best friend now for almost 6 years, and I cant imagine my life without her. She is my biggest inspiration, and my favorite motivation. Every day she teaches me something new. Our relationship continues to blossom as we work diligently on her spooky tendencies. In 2017 I fell in love with a stunning Bureau Land Management (BLM) mustang and couldn’t help but rescue him. His name is Azuis, and he has brought me many laughs and smiles. He has taught me how to transfer the relationship we’ve created on the ground to on the back, and he has showed me a horses true instincts and just how amazing these lovable animals are.


current status

My love and passion for training horses brings me to my current status. I recently graduated from the Brandi Lyons training academy in Phoenix Arizona. This program took my skills to the next level. I am now a certified horse trainer and would love the chance to use my skills to assist other horses and owners in meeting their potential. I also have a passion for teaching people of all levels and ages, how to improve communication with their horses. That relationship is the most important because it involves trust and guidance by both rider and horse. I hope to inspire improvements within that precious relationship.




Horsemanship clinic!

All day

Gaddy shack ranch (3050 gaddy ln. kelseyville)

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Horsemanship clinic!

This clinic is meant for everyone! Bring your horse and learn simple techniques and exercises YOU can do at home to increase responsiveness ...

Event Details

All day

Gaddy shack ranch (3050 gaddy ln. kelseyville)


The most trusted name in the industry

     I am a certified horse trainer who teaches natural horsemanship techniques through the Lyon's method. This method is based on pressure and release to communicate with horses. 

Applying pressure motivates the horse to find the answer. This methods foundation is, applying pressure on the horse when it is not doing what you are looking for and releasing all pressure when the horse finds the answer, telling the horse "good job". Once the horse understands what your asking of them,  The horse starts to associate the cue of your choice with the release. After a lot of repetition it starts to become a conditioned response. This method of training requires commitment, consistency, and patience. Every time we go near our horse we are teaching it something. 

"When you become consistent with your cue to your horse, the horse will become consistent with its response." ~ John Lyons 


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